Spotsylvania County in Virginia includes the census-designated places of Alsop, Arcadia, Artillery Ridge, Bells Crossroad, Belmont, Blades Corner, Brandon, Brockroad, Brokenburg, Carters Store, Chancellor, Chancellorsville, Chewnings Corner, Cookstown, Dunavant, Five Mile Fork, Four Mile Fork, Granite Springs, Lanes Corner, Leavells, Lewiston, Margo, Marye, Massaponax, McHenry, Old Trap, Olivers Corner, Partlow, Paytes, Post Oak, Shady Grove Corner, Snell, Spotsylvania Courthouse, Stubbs, Thornburg & Todds Tavern. Many people who do live in the above-mentioned areas do have Fredericksburg addresses.

At Williams Stone, PC, our attorneys work with family law mattersmilitary legal situations, and those accused of crimes in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County. From divorce, child custody & spousal support to property division or protective orders, we can assist. With criminal-related matters, some of the most common examples of misdemeanors and felonies our law firm works within and around Spotsylvania County include DUI or alcohol violations, drug charges, reckless driving, theft, traffic violations & juvenile crimes.

Demographics & Geography

Fredericksburg is located in Northern Virginia and is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is located 49 miles south of Washington DC and 58 miles north of Richmond. Being equidistant from the two capitals during the Civil War caused many important battles such as the Battle of Fredericksburg to be fought here. The city is located on the Rappahannock River. It has a population of slightly over 28,000 and the median home price is $312,000.

Fredericksburg has more women than men and 70% of the population is in the 18 to 65 year age group. This is a small city that has a host of amenities for those who love to live in smaller cities but stay connected to a larger business area. 

From Spotsylvania County, you will find Culpeper County to the north, Stafford County to the northeast, Caroline County to the southeast, Hanover County to the south, Louisa County to the southwest & Orange County to the northwest. The entire county has a population of over 130,000 residents. Nearly 80% are White/Caucasian with 89% having at least a high school diploma or higher and 28% with a Bachelor’s Degree. In addition, nearly 80% of people are homeowners here with a median household income of almost $79,000.

Living in Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania County

Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania County has plenty to offer residents. The area is well connected by train to Northern Virginia towns and to Washington DC. There are 17 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, and 5 high schools located in Spotsylvania County as well as universities & community colleges, most notably The University of Mary Washington, which is a four-year university and graduate school. 

Spotsylvania County has many green areas, parks, trails, and the riverfront that is being developed. There are various outdoor activities that are challenging as well as more laid-back options for those who simply want to enjoy the outdoors. 

There is also a South Atlantic Baseball League team, the Hagerstown Suns, nearby. There are other entertainment options such as a theater, fine dining, and shopping. 

Things to Do

Fredericksburg is a place of tourist interest because of its rich history, museums, and open spaces. Whether you are looking for an educational experience at the museum or park, or are looking for a more active day hiking along with one of the many trails in the city, you will be able to find plenty to do and see.

You can walk in the same area as civil war generals, visit George Washington’s home place, play golf at one of the many top-rated golf courses, including P.B. Dye-designed Gauntlet Golf Club, recently restored Augustine Golf Club, Lee’s Hill Golfer’s Club, scenic Meadows Farm Golf Course, and Cameron Hills Golf Links. Many simply choose to shop at Old Town Fredericksburg with their specialty boutiques.

For those who prefer to visit a winery or vineyard, Fredericksburg is home to many local favorites including Hartwood Winery & Lake Anna Winery. You can also spend time outdoors at parks and waterways, go rock climbing, horse riding, fishing, or hiking, and visit the Riverside Center Dinner Theater for a live dinner and show. There are plenty of activities for children as well including art classes and nature and history walks and talks, most notably the Alpaca Fun for Children.

Government Offices & Court Location

At Williams Stone, PC, we often represent clients in Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County. If you are accused of a crime and choose to work with our attorney, you will most likely need to visit one of the 3 different courthouses in Fredericksburg, which are: 

The General District Court
701 Princess Anne Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22404

The Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
601 Caroline Street, #100
Fredericksburg, VA 22404

The Fredericksburg Circuit Court
701 Princess Anne Street, Suite 100
Fredericksburg, VA 22404

Working With Williams Stone, PC

Criminal charges and certain family situations can and often do impact the rest of your life. It’s important you work with an attorney who has extensive experience working with both misdemeanor and felony charges in Spotsylvania County. At Williams Stone, PC, our attorneys know how charges will affect your life now and in the future, and can walk you through the process to find the best outcome in your case.

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